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After the appointment you will be requested to arrange your schedules to start the treatment with three to four appointment of varying length (according to treatment requirements) each one week apart.

Further appointments are generally two to eight weeks apart depending on treatment requirements.  Most appointments are short appointments, ten to fifteen minutes in duration and therefore always scheduled in the afternoon after school.  It will however be necessary to have some long appointments (30 minutes and longer) during school hours.  These however only occur four to six times a year.  Please arrange with teachers to make up school work for these appointments.

Different appointments are scheduled for different days and times to accommodate time scheduling and work efficiency and not waste your valuable time.  In order to keep on schedule you need to be on time, and later arrival may mean you have to wait until timely patients are seen, or you have to be rescheduled.


321 Bulwer Street
Central CBD


E-mail: orthodontist@sainet.co.za
Telephone: 033 394 7635

Appointments can be made daily from Monday to Friday 08:00 to 16:30. You may also leave a message at any time for us to contact you on our answering service.

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