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Extra Oral Elements of Braces

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Whereas braces are the general tooth treatment appliances, often skeletal treatment is also necessary which, if growth is available can be accomplished with:



This is an appliance worn outside of the mouth with an attachment to connect it to the teeth on the inside.  It is usually worn to move the upper teeth backwards or to stabilize them in their present position.  Furthermore can growth of the upper jaw be restricted or redirected depending on force applied and amount of hours worn.  Headgear should always be worn as directed – usually 10 hours per day namely at night when sleeping.  Headgear must be worn every night, if not you allow your teeth/jaw to move back, just as a ball that you push uphill will roll back if you stop and let go.  Not only will treatment then take longer, but may also not be accomplished.




This appliance also worn outside the mouth pulls under developed upper jaws forward.  It is basically the opposite of the headgear and all headgear aspects also apply.



Correcting Underdeveloped Lower Jaw - Correcting Overdeveloped Lower Jaw



Correction Vertical Development Upper Jaw (Gummy Smile) - Correction Underdevelopment Upper Jaw



Correction Vertical Underdevelopment Back Port - Correction Chin Prominence Only





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