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What do orthodontists do?

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We don’t only straighten teeth. Our aim is to give you a beautiful smile that lasts. This starts with improving the appearance of your teeth and face. Sometimes we also need to restore functionality, eradicate harmful habits and establish stability. In short what we do is the alignment of teeth and the correction of skeletal and muscle deviations.
When the correct balance exists between teeth, muscles and jaws the possibility of  tooth decay and the wearing down of teeth is greatly diminished. The health of the gums and ligaments holding the tooth roots to the supporting surrounding bone is also enhanced.  Other possible improvements might also be the smoother function of the jaw joint and better speech.

Orthodontic work takes longer than other medical and dental procedures with about 24 months being the average length of treatment.  Creating the ideal and balanced, stable end result entails placing permanent braces on the teeth with a necessary chemical process, followed by a series of regular follow-up appointments where certain adjustments are made.

The type of treatment as well as time and effort needed differs from patient to patient according to needs and requirements.  Depending on age and requirements one can also use removable appliances or surgical procedures.

While the prospect of orthodontic treatment may be scary you can rest assured that we will be with you every step of the way.


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